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VAT Number: 800446718 - Registration Number: 417713 Larisa, Greece, European Union

Land Line: +30 231 700 7610, Mob1: 693 230 0327, Mob2: 694 595 7534
Skype: goldcoincorner, E-mail: info@goldcoincorner.com or goldcoincorner@gmail.com

Our personnel will gladly help you on your transactions and at any inconvenience may occur. We will be available as soon as possible and almost instantly at working days.

Monday to Saturday from 10am – 2pm and Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6pm – 9pm GMT+2)

If you want us to respond to your message, in the [From] field you should provide a working e-mail.
We Buy

Genuine full gold sovereigns
at this price:


Live Prices
Friday 2nd of December 2022 07:24:56 PM
  • Gold: 32,19€ / GR
  • Palladium: 17,77€ / GR
  • Platinum: 36,38€ / GR
  • Silver: 0,52€ / GR
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